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Best Podcast Apps 2020

The fact that you’re here means you love podcasts or at least, are enthusiastic about it. Without any BS, here are the best podcast apps you should consider.

Podcast background

#1 Pocket Casts (Android, IOS)

Pocket Casts have long been a favorite of everyone at Rafy with a Y team. What I especially love are features like  cross-device and cross-platform syncing, episode auto-downloading and cleanup. And best of all, from last September the app became completely free!

#2 Google Podcasts (Android, IOS)

With Google podcasts, you’ll be able to start a podcast on your phone during your commute and pick up where you left off when you get home by picking up the podcast on your smart speaker. Other features include the ability to adjust playback speed, Google Assistant integration and adding podcasts to the app directly from Google searches.

#3 Spotify (Android, IOS)

Spotify might not be the first thing that comes in mind when you think about podcast but they’ve been beefing up their presence by buying podcast creator tool Anchor and coming into a deal with Joe Rogan to be exclusively on Spotify. It has all the standard features you’d expect and is perfect for those who already use Spotify and don’t want a separate app for podcasts.

#4 Overcast (IOS)

Overcast has all the good features of Pocket Casts and operates as if you already know what you want to hear. Overcast has a lot of custom audio settings; you can shorten silences, boost voices and other nifty features. This along with Pocket Casts seem to be the go-to choice for most podcast enthusiasts.

#5 Castbox (IOS, Android)

Castbox has a clean and navigable interface, a good selection of podcasts and powerful podcast audio searching. You can stream podcasts through Chromecast or Amazon Echo, and a premium tier removes subscription limits, allows for homepage customization, and puts you on priority for customer support and new features.

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